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"High Performance from direct reports is only possible, when you step back, and let them take full ownership"

Performance Leadership

"It's all about creating the right prerequisites"
Performance Requires Leadership

Leading performance is, among other things, about creating the optimal prerequisites for the organization, the team and the employee. In this respect, there are five basic elements that must be present: Incentives (not necessarily in terms of salary), the right amount of information and communication, the necessary training, and finally, clear expectations and delegation of mandates. When these prerequisites are in place from the employee’s point of view, the optimal conditions for performance are set.

In addition, performance leadership is about controlling one’s ego, always being clear on the why, communication and feedback, being focused on strategic and tactical victories, being persistent in creating trust and relationships, confronting issues directly and solution-oriented – and to be able to step back and let the employees come forward. All these elements can be trained by everyone, and a high-performance leader constantly seeks to develop and improve.

How I Work with Performance Leadership


I work with performance leadership in many ways, both in groups and with one-to-one sparring and coaching. Understanding what performance leadership is and what it takes to lead high performance is fundamental. Additionally, various simple tools and models can help with everyday training, but most importantly, strong performance leadership is about personal development. On my leadership development course, the focus is on just the right balance of these things. You can be a fool at leadership both with and without tools and models. It is all about how you use them and yourself in the relations. So, I work both with the dissemination of tools, and more importantly, with the conversion of these to the actual everyday life and the conduct of the individual leader, ruled by the person’s strengths and pitfalls.

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