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"Situations become authentic when they are lived - and not pretended"

Live Situations

"Roleplays are effective - with presence and authenticity"
The Combination of Solid Business Experience and Acting Works!


The difficult conversation, the challenging feedback, the difficult customer, the sensitive situation, the critical objection – all but a few situations met in the daily life of a leader, project manager, scrum master, customer service employee, adviser, salesman, and so on.          
Many of these situations are difficult to solve, especially with theory only. If only we could talk about these situations, at the momentthey occur. It is about making things as realistic as possible in the present – because it is there the emotions are in play. My solid experience and education as an actor, coupled with the experience of many years with practical organization, gives me a strong foundation for bringing different live situations from everyday life alive in the present. This tool is very effective in creating knowledge about how to handle challenging situations better in the future. One of the greatest benefits is that we can rewind and try it all again. I work closely with other actors who understand how to work with live situations in organizations. This tool can be put into play as part of other training and workshop projects, or we can experiment with everyday situations that could be handled differently in the future. 

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