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Reflact ApS

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Some of the rules I live by: 

  • Expressions give impressions which creates reaction

  • Development takes place only in the present

  • No performance without feedback

  • Ownership of development is with the individual

  • Confidence is the foundation of performance

  • Development is only a matter of wanting

  • Management is simple and straightforward

  • A business goal is achieved through personal development

I founded Reflact in 2008, motivated by many years of business-oriented leadership and HR development experience, combined with rich knowledge from the world of psychology and theater. 
With an understanding and interest in the dynamics that characterize interpersonal relationships, I have since helped several companies, teams and leaders exploit their potential by meeting the challenging circumstances that hamper cooperation, progress, performance and achievements in everyday life.                      
I have studied Machine Engineering, Electronics, Gestalt Psychology, and I am an educated actor from the True Action Institute, USA. My skills from the world of theater and acting play an active role in my working methods as a teacher, facilitator and coach. 
My work is based on honesty and directness, meaning that I say things as I see them. My experience has taught me that wedged situations can and should be turned into new opportunities, with perseverance, respect and presence. I know that not two situations are the same, so I tailor any course or workshop to the specific needs of my customers.

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