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" You Can Not - Not Communicate"

"Communication is only about expressions, which creates impressions and reactions - which creates expressions"

My View on Communication


Communication is the most important tool we have, and it takes place all the time, whether we want it or not. To cite Paul Watzlawick, “one cannot not communicate”. This fact offers a lot of possibilities – and a lot of traps. To work with your communication is to work with yourself. That is, by adjusting certain buttons you can convey your message in a way both you and your audience can connect to. It is basically about being good at listening, because when you listen to your surroundings, you get a wealth of input on how to adjust your expression and communication, to make sure you reach out with your message. Those who do not understand or appreciate the value of listening often lose others when they communicate.  When you listen, on the other hand, you get input to reflect upon and to use to adjust your expression. Communication is thus not just about expression – it is about many other things that I experience a lot of people tend to overlook.

How Do I Work with Communication?

Working with communication is about experiencing, listening and giving feedback on the impression that the person communicating leaves. Expressions give an impression that results in expressions that can be taken as impressions. Basically, it means that your action when communicating gives a response to those you communicate with, which is feedback to you. In my work with communication, I focus heavily on the responsibility of the sender. Do you listen? How direct are you? Do you use responsible or irresponsible language? Are you present or absent? Do you leave the impression of certainty or uncertainty? Do you give a personal or impersonal impression? How good are you to make sure what is being said is being heard, and what is being heard is being understood as you believe it, and what is being understood will be accepted? All of this is your responsibility as the sender. And as with anything else, models and theories cannot make the difference – training can, however, with feedback and adjustments.

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