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"Feedback  is only given on behaviour"


" No High Performing Culture - without a Feedback Culture"
How Is It Really with Feedback?


Feedback provides development, learning, energy, improves performance and increases motivation. Meanwhile, there are not many for whom it is natural to give acknowledging and evolving feedback in the present, where it belongs.                          
There are many good explanations for this: I do not want to hurt the relationship, I do not want to kick to someone lying down, she knows that it was a good performance, I do not want to risk an aggressive reaction, I'm not sure I’m right, the right moment never came - and many other misunderstood considerations. The difficulty of feedback is what we imagine will be the consequence. Feedback is not an attack, and nor should it be. It is an opportunity to increase performance, and it is an inevitable tool for creating high-performing individuals as well as teams. No feedback culture - no high performance.

How I Work With Feedback


Feedback is, in fact, the simplest tool in the performance of the performance leader and other high performing people. I use a very simple model, which is easy to remember. The first step is having a solid structure for your feedback, so it is easier to train. 
Feedback must be trained, both for giver and receiver. When I work with feedback, I often combine it with other topics, so there are some live situations present to help train the feedback. The possibilities are endless, and I find it very effective to solve some outdoor or indoor tasks together and provide specific feedback afterward.

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