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"I always look inwards - and identify, what I can do better next time"

Extreme Ownership

"When you see it - You own it"
What I Mean With Extreme Ownership

Extreme ownership is a basic prerequisite for trust and high performance in all relations, be it team, leader-employee, project group or other conceivable constituencies. Taking extreme ownership means, among other things, to take ownership of everything that influences the outcome of what you are part of – and not just your own little share of the performance. It may be a mission, project, sale, course, presentation, production, development, product or anything else – every mistake, success, problem and solution. It is not the same as entering other people's areas. I do not accept anything falling between two stools, I’m honest and I always seek solutions, even when it is difficult. I look inwards and control my ego. I am humble, acknowledge my own mistakes and I constantly find ways to improve myself. When I get confronted with feedback I listen to understand - and I respond when others reach out.

How I Work With Extreme Ownership


Extreme ownership does not come on its own, and very few people authentically live by it. It is a lifestyle, and one that creates trust, high performance and results. Extreme ownership is not just for managers – it is a culture that can be created, and it is important that leaders serve as role models for it. It is a journey that any individual, team and organization can decide to go on. It requires everyone’s effort and will be experienced as very energizing when engaged. I ensure that everybody fully understands what it is all about, and not least what the individual gets from it. I often experience the need to adjust behavior, especially when it comes to looking inwards before pointing fingers at others. I mirror, challenge, highlight promotional behavior and provide direct feedback. This will provide a solid foundation for sparring and reflecting on how the individual and the team can develop and live with extreme ownership.

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