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"Personal Development is not realised by  having an actionplan - it comes from an inner drive, will and diciplin"

Personal Development

"It's all about your strengths - and the backside of those"
Personal Development Must Have a Goal


All highly performing people work with themselves, their development and performance. This includes looking inward, reflecting on one’s own behavior, and seeking feedback, sparring and coaching. This is important to become a better version of yourself, which is precisely what targeted personal development is all about. It is not about becoming more like someone else, or like something you’ve read in a book. It is about becoming a better version of yourself, with the adjustments you decide to make. You probably know all about wanting to adjust something based on something you have read, heard, seen, received feedback about, etc. This is understandable, as it is how we become aware of the areas of ourselves in need of development. Most importantly, however, is that you should only set aside to develop or adjust something that you want to develop – otherwise you are sentenced to fail. Find the little things that you want to adjust and develop, set some concrete goals, find the sparring and feedback you need to succeed, get started and be disciplined. 

How I Work with Targeted Personal Development


I work with individual development at all organizational levels, and the teams are as different as the people I work with. There may be challenges in business management, team management, individual leadership, changes, personal challenges, conflicts, personal growth and much more. In many contexts, we’ll tackle the more personal matters.      
What are your strengths, what are your pitfalls, what are your allergies, and what are your real development points? I use the mix of sparring, coaching, reflection, feedback and dialogue that I believe, based on my experience, gives the greatest benefits in the present.

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