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"It's more important that you want to listen and respond, than it is to be in control of bodylanguage"

Pitch & Performance

"Everybody can find a way to enjoy to be in focus"
What Is It All About?


The ability to influence others is much about being able to listen to your audience. It is also about being alert, flexible, confident, clear, varied, responsible and grounded in your performance. All this can be trained, learned and mastered – whether you are a leader, teacher, consultant, specialist or have any other function in which you need to influence others. 

Open Course - "Pitch & Performance"


​Your personal impact and attention are paramount when you need to get your message beyond the stage. When it is mastered, it is a pleasure to watch and listen to. At this course, you will get an increased awareness of how to create effective impressions while providing tools to work with your story, presence, awareness, and credible communication, both when it comes to one-to-one and one-to-many. I take the starting point of the individual's needs and use methods, exercises and techniques that are used to train actors. You will work with raising your attention to the way you influence your environment. Through the course, you will provide and receive feedback that you can use to identify strengths and development areas that can be translated into specific learning points for your daily life.                  
There is preparation before the course and there is a maximum of 8 participants.

Customised  Workshop / Training

Do you have a group, a management team or another team that needs training in getting messages, or maybe a specific message, beyond the edge of the stage? I can offer a tailored course/workshop where you will be able to train and sharpen the messages you want. Beforehand, a thorough dialogue about your specific needs is necessary.         
The content of the course/workshop can be combined with the content of the course "Capture Your Audience with Storytelling".

Individual Training


​Do you need sparring, input, feedback, coaching and inspiration on what impression your expression leaves others with? And possibly, through the eyes of an impartial observer? I have solid experience with individual courses and single meetings, including different live situations with subsequent feedback and coaching. Often great changes can be achieved with small adjustments, and I have often experienced that the things I observe and provide feedback on have not been said so directly by others.

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