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"Wife dies. Man dies = Information"

"Wife dies. Man dies of grief = Storytelling"


"The best way to create Action - is to induce Feelings"
What Is It All About?


Storytelling is for delivering messages what oil is for an engine. It smoothens the process, and lessens resistance, abrasions and problems. All people have stories, but few manage to convey them in a manner that leaves a lasting impression. Everyone can learn the basic tools necessary to become a good storyteller.         
With storytelling you speak to your audience’s feelings through the part of the brain called the limbic system. Basically, this means to avoid the recipient taking a stance of opinion before you have told your story to the end. Good storytelling thus gives you the opportunity to catch people's attention and help them understand the basic message that you want to convey before they begin to think for and against. For example, a story is useful to explain the great whyin a change.

Open Course - "Capture Your Audience With a Good Story"

When we experience a person, who is good at storytelling, we rarely think much of it. We are just caught in the story and are interested in how it ends. What is the plot, message, conflict, solution and conclusion? Fortunately, storytelling can be trained. In this course, we will review the basic building blocks for a good story. You will learn the main differences between information dissemination and storytelling, which in fact is quite simple. You will build your own stories, and you will be trained in storytelling, feedback and learning, and receive concrete input you can take along with you. 

It is recommended that you participate in the course “Beyond the Edge of the Stage” beforehand, as you will then have received the basic tools to get your storytelling to reach its maximum effect. There is preparation before the course and there is a maximum of 8 participants.

Custom Workshop / Training


Do you have a group, or a team, that needs training in storytelling or that faces a change that needs to be communicated? I can offer you a tailored course/workshop that will allow you to train and sharpen the messages you want to communicate through storytelling. We will train what I call message training, where you get an effective way to work with possible objections, and on how to synchronize your reactions to critical questions. There will be preparation, and a thorough dialogue of your specific needs, before the workshop commences. The content can be combined with the content of the course "Beyond the Edge of the Stage". 

Individual training

Do you need sparring, input, feedback, coaching and inspiration on concrete challenges you face in relation to communication of eg. changes? I have solid experience with individual training and single meetings. I am direct and share my observations - and I am happy to take the role of the receiver and challenge your story from that perspective. Together we can do message training and create various live situations - and discuss how your story can meet different resistances and objections.

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