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"Ingen netværksbaseret eller matrix organiseret organisation  eller program får succes uden Servant Leadership"

Servant Leadership

"I love to serve - that's why I am a leader"
Servant Leadership is a human behaviour, which creates results

Servant Leadership is a specific behaviour, which creates growth and results with other people, and thereby also for the company. Servant Leadership is often understood as an agile invention. It's not invented together with the agile ways of working, and it is a prerequisite for the agile method to succeed. 

Servant Leadership creates ownership, independence, engagement, motivation and it supports growth. Command and control leadership, which in many ways is the opposite, creates dependencies, lack of initiative- and flexibility. I often meet leaders and other good people in organisations, who have a misperception of Servant Leadership. They think that Servant Leadership culture means, that you cannot follow up, give feedback, and everything has to be decided by the individual employee. Thats a pitfall in the implementation of Servant Leadership. In my experience - this is not Servant Leadership. When living Servant Leadership, I do whatever I can to make you the best version of you. If you lack prerequisites for performance on the task at hand, I make myself available with sparring coaching, follow-up, feedback, information, support, expectations or whatever it takes in the given situation to make you succeed. 

I cannot delegate responsibility for a task to a person, who do not have all the prerequisites for solving it. 

Specific Servant Leadership behaviour includes:

- I am present, when I am in contact with others

- I listen actively and seek to understand - before I seek to be understood in my communication

- I am open and transparent (this includes that I give feedback)

- I use storytelling and open questions, when I want to engage others

- I learn from the past - and consider the consequences of my decisions

- I am authentic interested in the whole person. I "read the manual" on my colleagues, employees, stakeholders etc.

- I have a constant focus on contributing to development of my team towards high performance (Even when I am not the leader)

- I always ensure that people around me have the rights prerequisites for performance. (Up, to the side and down in the org.)

How do I work purposefully with Servant Leadership


Basically I believe that Servant Leadership is about being a decent and proper human being in all we do.

I work with Servant Leadership in everything I do - and all the above points can be worked on in detail in workshops, lectures, team sessions, individual coaching / sparring and leadership development programs on a small and large scale. While it may seem confusing with all the points, it is not when you first get started. Everything is interconnected. It can be a really good start to do a self-evaluation of the extent to which you live these behaviors in everyday life. In other words, in everyday life - even when you are under pressure. It is when we are under pressure that we become a less good version of ourselves. This can be uncovered and worked on by looking inward and working on one’s own personal development. So as with everything else, Servant Leadership can be worked with quite concretely, and that is essential to me. Theory is important to have and understand - and it is when it is translated into practical action that it creates value.

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